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City of Greensboro Water Pipe Bursting, Update II: KRG Utility Completes 15,000’ Using 6” and 8” Fusible C900®

The Greensboro Water Resources Department has been contracting with KRG Utility, Inc. for several years to rehabilitate their sewer collection system, and, more recently, their old 4” cast iron water distribution lines. The selected method for the water mains has been to use static pipe bursting equipment supplied by TT Technologies to burst the old pipe and pull in a fused product pipe. Greensboro’s Robbie Bald, PE, studied the technology as well as product pipe options and concluded that 6” Fusible C900® pipe was the right material to use, saying “there are benefits to Fusible PVC™, including strength, quality fused joints, and easy connections to our iron mains”.


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