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Static Pipe Bursting Water Lines – City of Greensboro, NC

For several years, the Greensboro Water Resources Department has contracted with KRG Utility, Inc. to replace deteriorated gravity sewer lines using static pipe bursting techniques. At the same time, the city had been upgrading old 4" cast-iron water distribution lines by open cut replacement, which can be slower, more disruptive, noisier and more costly than static pipe bursting.

Armed with a new state-of-the-art static pipe burst machine (the GrundoBurst® 800G) from TT Technologies, Inc., KRG Utility worked with Greensboro’s Robbie Bald, P.E., who studied the technology and process, and determined that KRG Utility’s new equipment and approach paired with 6" Fusible C-900® pipe (FPVC) from Underground Solutions would be the optimal approach for remediating the city’s aging and undersized water lines.

The City of Greensboro chose a small area off Allandale Road to conduct a pilot project to burst 4" cast iron (CIP) water lines to 6" FPVC. The CIP waterlines were undersized for fire protection and were a maintenance issue due to repeated breaks. KRG Utility replaced 1,260 ft of 4" CIP with 6" FPVC by static pipe bursting. Water service was not interrupted during the bursting process, as temporary water piping was installed the length of the project. All water services were renewed as a part of the project. The project was completed in less than two weeks, including setup of temporary water, testing and all pavement repairs

"For many years, KRG Utility has successfully used pipe bursting and sliplining methods, but to my knowledge, this is the first project in the Carolinas where a water main has been rehabilitated using FPVC," said Jeff Greene, president of KRG Utility.

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