Pipe Patch


Workers patching a pipe

These liners are an epoxy/fiberglass ambient cure no dig repair that have been in use for over 20 years. KRG can install liners from 4” up to 36” and from two feet up to 20 feet in length. The length of the liner able to be installed will depend on the diameter of liner being installed.

No dig sectional point repair liners are great for fixing leaking pipe joints, keeping roots from growing into pipe joints (after roots have been removed), repairing cracks or broke pipes (will not straighten or repair collapsed pipes), covering holes in pipes, and for fixing/repairing the cement or Protecto 401 lining on ductile iron pipes.


clay pipe before


Clay Pipe After


KRG Utility is well-known for its use of the latest industry techniques and technology, including sewer and water pipe bursting, sliplining, pipe patching, pipe video inspections and sanitary sewer and storm drain cleaning.

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