Pipe Bursting

Pipe Bursting

Economical, trenchless, and allowing for upsizing of existing lines, pipe bursting is a common industry choice for replacing sewer and water pipes in the U.S…while keeping disruptions to city streets, businesses and nearby properties to a minimum.

First developed in Europe to replace cast-iron gas distribution pipe with minimum impact, pipe bursting has been used in the U.S. since 1986 and accounts for the rehabilitation of more than one million linear feet of pipe per year.

More cost effective, expedient, less disruptive to adjacent services and quieter than open cut methods, the pipe bursting process is especially ideal for congested areas such as cities, municipalities and even manufacturing or industrial plants.

KRG Utility carefully assesses each potential pipe bursting project to ensure the most appropriate equipment, pipe material and installation method are used. At KRG Utility, we employ two pipe replacement methods: static and pneumatic pipe bursting.

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Static Pipe Bursting

The exclusive method used for water pipe bursting, static pipe bursting offers a high success rate with a minimal chance of pipe failure, and it reduces the vibration and shock to surrounding utilities and structures.

During static pipe bursting, brute force is essentially used to pull the new liner into place using a hydraulic ram assembly and pulling rods. With this process, KRG Utility uses high density polyethylene (HDPE), fusible polyvinyl chloride (FPVC) and ductile iron pipe (DIP).

Pneumatic Pipe Bursting

With pneumatic pipe bursting, KRG Utility uses a specialized pneumatic pipe bursting tool guided through the existing pipe by a constant tension winch.  The combination of the tool assembly being pulled through the pipe and the hammering effect from the pneumatic tool breaks apart the host pipe into the surrounding soil.

With the use of the specialized pneumatic tool, KRG Utility pulls through new piping, typically HDPE. When the new liner is in place, all service connections are reinstated with electro-fusion bond watertight saddle connections.


KRG Utility is well-known for its use of the latest industry techniques and technology, including sewer and water pipe bursting, sliplining, pipe patching, pipe video inspections and sanitary sewer and storm drain cleaning.

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