Pipe Inspections/Cleaning

Pipe Inspections & Cleaning

Today's pipeline video inspections benefit from the latest technology advances… and are especially useful in determining the condition of main sewer lines and service laterals.

KRG technicians certified by NASSCO in the Utility Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP) use the latest closed circuit television (CCTV) equipment and technology. This technology includes robotic transporters fitted with pan and tilt cameras to provide the client with all the information necessary for optimal line care.

Prior to undertaking pipe video inspections, KRG Utility's combination trucks can be used to clean sewer lines and storm drains to remove debris, roots, grease and other obstructions. This process ensures that you receive the most accurate information on the state of your sewer system.

With KRG Utility, you can effectively evaluate the location and severity of any pipeline problems, and they can help you chose the most cost effective and appropriate sewer rehabilitation solution.

Pipe inspections truck


KRG Utility is well-known for its use of the latest industry techniques and technology, including sewer and water pipe bursting, sliplining, pipe patching, pipe video inspections and sanitary sewer and storm drain cleaning.

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